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    Where Kissavos meets the Aegean lies, surrounded by greenery, the Koutsoupia.
    Didinos Roomsin Koutsoupia, Larissa the same scenery and atmosphere, an oasis of calm, with unique architectural style and excellent materials dominate in every corner of the building. The unique sense of hospitality will definitely offers visitors a wonderful experience.

    Didinos Rooms Koutsoupia, Larissa It is the ideal combination of unique natural environment, traditional luxury, cozy and romantic atmosphere
    Didinos Rooms found Koutsoupia, Larissa one of the most famous places on the eastern side of Kissavos because of the panoramic view of the magnificent sea and mountain Kissavos.
    The resorts are located 11 kilometers from the Stomio and 17 km from Agiokampos .A coastal village built at the foot of a mountain with a picturesque beach with crystal clear water, fine sand and pebbles. The chestnut, the arbutus, pine trees and oaks reach the sea and the trees shade the streams where the water flows abundant and joins the song of this bird. The ideal place to enjoy the ultimate getaway or summer vacation.

    In Ancient Greece the hospitality was considered an act of virtue.
    The hospitality was an important social force because it could tie people of any class, even ordinary citizens with kings.

    Xenios Zeus: The definition of hospitality in Ancient Greece

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